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What We Do


The Review Process
Complaints Handling
  • Each case is considered on its individual merits and we will construct a besposke letter to the advisory firm outlining the basis on which we believe you have been poorly advised.

  • During an initial meeting or telephone conversation with you we will collect the facts about the circumstances surrounding the advice you received and request the relevant documents from you. 

  • We will then review the information you give us in order to assess the validity of any potential complaint. 

  • If we believe we have a reasonable chance of bringing a successful complaint against your former advisory firm we will confirm this in writing and agree the fees for our work by asking you to sign our Terms of Business. 

  • We will then request any further documents you may have and your permission to write to the advisory firm to request your client file. 

  • We will manage the complaint with the former advisory firm and bring the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if necessary.


If we do not think there is a reasonable chance of bringing about a successful complaint we will confirm this in writing with our reasons and we will not invoice you for the time that we have spent.


Putting trust in a financial firm to manage your finances and help you reach your goals can be a very worthwhile relationship when dealt with effectively over the long term.


At Compliance Matters UK Limited, we understand that sometimes there is a breakdown in those relationships and they way in which your money has been managed, therefore you have the right to understand why.  Whilst you cannot bring a complaint regarding the performance of the underlying assets within your portfolio, there may be a reason why the investment did not meet your expectations.


With over 30 years industry experience, we have a built a reputation for not only helping financial firms manage their obligations to their clients and the regulator, but also for consumers who have a complaint or require general advice on understanding what they should expect when dealing with regulated firms. 

Against your current advisory firm

One you have instructed us to review your case, we will prepare an interim report based on the issues you have raised and whether or not your complaint can be upheld.


If your complaint cannot be upheld, we will inform you of the reasons why in our conclusion and let you know what further steps you can take if you wish to go directly to the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).


However, if we believe your complaint can be upheld, we will then conduct a more thorough review of the advice given to you and prepare a report based on how and/or why we believe the firm has behaved inappropriately or given the wrong advice.  This report will then be sent to the firm for a response within 56 days.  In the event that they dispute the complaint, we will then prepare the necessary referral to FOS.


In relation to a complaint on advice from a previous firm

If you are working with a new advisory firm and they or you have identified potentially poor advice from a your previous advisory firm, again, we will work with your current adviser to review your documentation and request documents pertinent to the advice from your former advisory firm.


Following a thorough review of all documentation we will give our opinion as to the likelihood of a successful complaint.


We will write to the former advisory firm outlining the grounds for the complaint and refer it to the FOS where an unsatisfactory final response has been received.